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The City of Beckley will begin July 1, 2015 to collect Business & Occupation Tax on Class 4 rental property pursuant to Chapter 13 Article 215 of the City of Beckley’s Codified Ordinances. An audit of the City’s real estate tax records has been completed and letters are being mailed to property holders. This tax will be paid at 1% on gross income received from rental. For more information, click HERE.

Welcome to the City of Beckley

uptownbeckleycWe invite you to share in the growth of our enthusiastic new business destination, a pristine highland opened by expressways and interstates in the 1990s. Tourism, technology, and transportation thrive here amid three national parks in the very center of the Eastern U.S. But perhaps more than a great place to work, Beckley is an ideal place to live. A low crime rate (West Virginia has enjoyed the nation's lowest crime rate for a half century) attracts many of our new residents. But we can't neglect the lofty plateaus of forest and farmland for which our area is known. Even in the heart of the largest city in southern WV, you'll find woodland and park around every corner. We invite you to explore our communities -- online or by touring the area. And we hope you find this collection of information and photographs helpful and entertaining.

Elected Officials