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The National Response Framework states that “the responsibility for responding to incidents, both natural and manmade, begins at the local level – with individuals and public officials in the county, city, or town affected by the incident. (p. 15). To that end, the Mayor and other members of our city administration are responsible for ensuring the public safety and welfare of the people within our communitySpecifically, these officials provide strategic guidance and resources during preparedness, response, and recovery efforts. Emergency management, including preparation and training for effective response, is a core obligation of local leaders.

The elected officials of the City of Beckley embrace these responsibilities, which include:

  • Establishing strong working relationships with local community leaders and core private-sector organizations, voluntary agencies, and community partners.
  • Leading and encouraging local leaders to focus on preparedness by participating in planning, training, and exercises.
  • Supporting participation in local mitigation efforts within the jurisdiction and, as appropriate, with the private sector.
  • Understanding and implementing laws and regulations that support emergency management and response.
  • Ensuring that local emergency plans take into account the needs of the jurisdiction, its persons, property, and structures.
  • Encouraging residents to participate in volunteer organizations and training courses.

Please feel free to contact City Hall at 256-0034 concerning our city administration’s efforts as they relate to our community’s emergency preparedness efforts.