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Exhibition Coal Mine

Exhibition Coal Mine
513 Ewart Ave
Beckley, WV

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Appalachian Coal Town Christmas
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The Pemberton Coal Camp Church was built in the Coal Camp of Pemberton, West Virginia in 1921. Coal Baron Thomas Hurst Wickham was responsible for for financing and building the town of Pemberton. Mr. Wickham paid for having this church built and gave it as a gift to the community.

The church was the center of the coal camp community. It was where the people came together to worship God with love and pride. Social and business meetings were held in the church. The church was kept immaculate both inside and out. Pews were polished to a brillant shine every window sparkled.

The minister was a part of the community. He married folks, preached to them on Sunday, visited them through the week and even buried them. 

The church basement was used for homecomings, church dinners, Bible school in the summer and church meetings. Usually on the third Thursday of every month the women in the coal camp community would have their Ladies Aid Society meetings. The Christmas program was probably the most remembered event in the church. As the congregation left the church the minister gave a gift which came from the coal company. It was a bag containing oranges, apples, nuts, chocolate drops and ribbon candy. This is still considered to be an Appalachian tradition to this day in some of our small country churches during the Christmas season.

Visit our Coal Camp Church and enjoy the spirit of old time religion that still lingers within the walls of the church from years gone by.